Local Self Government Elections 2005

Local Self Government Elections 2005

▪ ▪ Local Self Government Elections 2005



In the frames of the program accountability and transparency, MOST started realizing the project “Domestic monitoring of the local elections 2005” in the middle of January 2005.

The presence of the citizens at the polling stations as impartial and nonpartisan observers contributes towards increasing the transparency of the entire election process and increases the citizens’ confidence in the results.

For this election process MOST plans to recruit, train and deploy 3500 observers.

The observers will be deployed at around 60% of the polling stations.

The project activities will be realized through the 19 regional offices.

By realizing this project, MOST continues to give contribution to the free conduct of the democratic processes in the country.


Final report

Press conferences

Political situation in R Macedonia

Time line for conducting local elections


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