Media Advocacy Platform

Media Advocacy Platform

Project: Media Advocacy Platform

The project promotes joint efforts of local grass-root CSOs and journalists and links them with decision-makers in order to address local community issues, using a unique and innovative approach. The web-platforms will be the place-to-go for journalists when searching for data about various conditions in the society, and they will provide opportunity for citizens input. The platform will contain links to the most important institutions and their databases, as well as guidelines for obtaining data from publicly available sources. The stories and short documentaries promoting the best practices of investigative journalism and the synergy with other stakeholders in promotion of EU values will further empower journalists and CSOs. The regional advocacy trainings: shall be a place to network and share various local experiences, thus creating a synergy between journalists, CSOs, citizens and local authorities; will promote best practices, and develop skills of local journalists for investigative reporting; will address the planning of an advocacy campaign; will explain the role of each stakeholder, thus emphasizing the importance of investigative journalism and follow-up on all aspects of the campaign.


Overall objective: Contributing towards enabling environment for qualitative investigative journalism and strengthening the cooperation between media and CSO for increased impact in public policy and decision making processes

Specific objective 1: To contribute towards enabling environment for investigative journalism, based on free and easy access to reliable sources of information and providing opportunity for CSOs and citizens input

Specific objective 2: To provide opportunity for networking and empowering of key stakeholders, highlighting their role in advocacy for community issues

Specific objective 3: To increase the integrity and capacity of media outlets and CSOs and enable them to work together on defining priorities and putting pressure on decision-makers to solve community problems


1. Creating and promoting tools for enabling environment

2. Conducting regional advocacy trainings

3. Sub-granting joint advocacy campaigns


Institute for Mass Media, Education and Communication

Nova TV


The project is funded by the European Union, through IPA Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2014

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