Preliminary statement for the re-voting in Tearce

Citizens Association MOST has monitored the situation in Tearce municipality in the period between enacting decision for repeating the voting at the polling station #2011 and the rerun through its regional coordinator. MOST has monitored the very re-voting at the polling station as well.

In the period between annulling the results and the rerun of the vote, the situation was peaceful, with no incidents, except for registered attempt for vote buying, i.e. criminal charges were filed against two persons who have offered a bribe to the voters not to cast their voting right. The Ministry of interior has undertaken steps to resolve the case.

The very rerun of the voting was monitored by 2 static observers at the polling station, as well as by two mobile teams which have been monitoring the situation around the polling station.

The rerun of the vote was conducted in a peaceful atmosphere, marked by different dynamics of the voters’ turnout, which has declined in the last hours prior to closing of the polling station. During the Election Day, increased presence of the police around the polling station was noted. At around 9 o’clock, it was noted that the UV lamps were not functioning, so the voting was interrupted about 15 minutes with aim to provide new ones, and afterwards the voting went on. Within the voting, as well as, tabulating the results at the very polling station there were not noted any irregularities.

As it used to be on the 11 December Election Day, the Municipal Election Commission Tearce has faced a problem within developing the Minute #12 for summarizing and determining the results from the voting of the citizens in the penitentiary institutions. Therefore there was a delay of announcing the results from the voting. This case, too, proves that there is a need of capacity building of the election administration in terms of conduct of a comprehensive election process.

The key findings from the Election Day as well as from the rerun of the vote will be presented to the public by the Final report on the election monitoring of the Citizens Association MOST.

MOST extends its utmost gratitude to all the citizens who selflessly supported our efforts to ensure domestic non-partisan monitoring of the elections and who have been part of MOST’s great family, as well as to all those who supported and helped the mission of the MOST Citizen’s Association.


The Project “Domestic monitoring of Early Parliamentary elections 2016” is supported by the Embassy of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, USAID through the National Democratic Institution, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the National Endowment for Democracy.

The content of this press release is the responsibility of MOST and do not necessarily reflect the views and positions of the donors.

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