Press conference - 14.00 - 05.06.2011

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PRESS RELEASE- 14:00 o’clock
05.06.2011, Skopje

According to the information, reported by MOST observers and the regional coordinators, up until now the following irregularities were noticed:

-      Polling station 2753, municipality of Aerodrom, due to un-updated Voter’s list and change of the personal data in the personal ID cards, four voters could not castl their voting rights.
-      Polling station 2772, v. Dolno Lisice municipality of Aerodrom, two ballots were missing and the electing board has informed the MEC.
-      Polling station 2661, municipality of Kisela Voda, a voter photographed the ballot paper behind the polling booth, the voting continued. In the same polling station member of the Electoral board was reading publicly the names of the voters.
-      Polling station 1580, municipality of Radovis, public reading of the voters names was noticed. After a reaction of a representative of a political party the reading was stopped and the voting process has continued regularly.
-      Polling station 2930, municipality of Butel, a voter behind the polling booth photographed the ballot paper. The president of the Electoral board told the person that he would be allowed to place his ballot in the ballot box if the image is deleted. The image was deleted and the voter was allowed to place the ballot in the ballot box.  
-      Polling station 2691, municipality of Aerodrom, member of the electoral board was reading publicly the names of the voters while one political party representative was writing it down. After a reaction of the other members of the electoral board the public reading was stopped.
-      Polling station 1314, municipality of Debarca, a family of three took three ballots out of the polling station because they were not in the voters list. After a reaction of the Electoral board and intervention of the police, the ballots were retrieved and taken to the Police.   
-     Polling station 1917, municipality of Struga, a family voting was noticed. In 5 cases of family voting 14 ballots were used.
-      Polling stations 1639, 1640 and 1641, municipality of Resen, dissemination of promotional material was noticed around the poling stations.
-      Polling station 1583, municipality of Radovis, political party observer was standing behind the polling booth and the voters where showing him their votes. This was not addressed by the Electoral board, but after a reaction from an observer from other political party this one was stopped.
-      Polling place 0406, municipality of Gostivar, 9 cases of family voting with 19 used ballots were regisred. The Electoral board is not taking any measures relating to this.

According to the data received by the PVT (parallel Vote Tabulation) software, which presents mathematical-statistical scientific method, the voters turn out per Electoral Unit is as follows:

EU 1- until 11 o’clock 24,10%, until 12 o’clock 32,34%, until 13 o’clock 39,76%
EU 2- until 11 o’clock 20,48%, until 12 o’clock 27,35%, until 13 o’clock 33,30%
EU 3- until 11 o’clock 27,98%, until 12 o’clock 35,59%, until 13 o’clock 42,05%
EU 4- until 11 o’clock 25,74%, until 12 o’clock 32,86%, until 13 o’clock 39,03%
EU 5- until 11 o’clock 21,26%, until 12 o’clock 27,96%, until 13 o’clock 34,26%
EU 6- until 11 o’clock 15,47%, until 12 o’clock 22,03%, until 13 o’clock 28,30%

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Note: The content of this press release is responsibility of MOST and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), USAID or the United States Government nor the views of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, German Embassy National Endowment for Democracy and the Embassy of the Czech Republic.